Welcome to the Writing Center

In Spring 2022, the UVa Writing Center will operate in-person and online in both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous modes. If you are a returning user who is ready to schedule a consultation, go to our scheduling website. If you are new to the Writing Center, read on for answers to frequently asked questions.

Who Can Use the Writing Center? The resource is available for use by all current UVa students, regardless of year, school, or major.

What Kind of Support Can Writing Consultants Provide?

  • Consultants can advise on all stages of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, revision, argument structure, editing, and other concerns.
  • Consultants can help with any kind of writing: essays for classes, conference papers, dissertations/theses, cover letters for applications, personal statements, resumes, etc.
  • Consultants can work with native speakers of English and with English-language learners; several of our tutors have specialized training in ESL.

Please note: consultants cannot proofread or edit for you. They also cannot help students with take-home exams unless the instructor has given explicit permission.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation? You will need an account in our scheduling system. Once you have an account, you can log in, choose a day and time, and schedule an appointment. Students can register for one 25-minute appointment or two back-to-back 25 minute appointments per day. One day before your appointment, you will receive an email reminder.

Where Do I Go for My In-Person Consultation? If you chose an in-person consultation, you scheduled it at one of our three in-person sites: 314 Bryan Hall, Clemons 2nd Floor Room 230 or 227, or JPJ Academic Center (for student-athletes).

What If I Need an Online Consultation? Many of our consultants can meet with students online if necessary; you can select an online appointment at the point of booking. To connect with the consultant, you will need a device that can connect to the Internet (computer, laptop, notepad--a phone is not recommended) and a reliable high-speed Internet connection. When it is time for your appointment, log in to https://virginia.mywconline.com, double-click on your appointment, and click "Start or Join Online Consultation." A screen will pop up that provides further instructions, and your tutor will be waiting to chat with you. In case of glitches within the system or factors beyond the student's or consultant's control, the consultant and the student can choose an alternative way to “meet” online: Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, phone conversation, etc.

What Happens in a Consultation? Whether online or in-person, you and the consultant will talk about your work. A consultation is a collaborative experience in which you work on your paper with the consultant’s guidance; please do not expect that the consultant will "fix" your paper for you. Together you will read through your writing and discuss ways to develop your ideas and strengthen your work. You may make changes to your writing during the session or take notes for later. At the end, your consultant will write up a brief summary of their main suggestions and email that to you. When an online session ends, the chat transcript and whiteboard text from an online consultation will be saved, and you will be able to return to the appointment to view those documents later.

What Is Asynchronous Response? Asynchronous Response is an option where writers can upload their work, along with a detailed list of concerns and the guidelines/rubric for the assignment, and a consultant will respond within 48 hours with comments sent back to the writer in an email attachment. Students must schedule their consultations at least 48 hours in advance of when they need the feedback. To schedule an Asynchronous Response, choose the "Asynchronous Response" schedule.

Visit our website for more information and for resources to help you become a more confident, capable writer!

Questions? Contact Claire Chantell.