Gosnell Prize

The Gosnell Prize commemorates and celebrates the life of first-year student Brett Gosnell, who passed away in August 2006 after a three-year battle with cancer. During his cherished year here, Brett enjoyed and thrived in his ENWR class with our former colleague Jill Rappoport, demonstrating a gift for and love of writing. The Gosnell family established this prize to honor Brett’s experience. 

ENWR instructors can nominate any outstanding essays produced for a first-year writing class. Instructors may nominate more than one essay, but each nominated essay should display excellence in argumentation, style, and creativity. Instructors should advise and supervise the revision of nominated essays, just as they would help a student prepare any essay for the student’s final portfolio. This assistance and inspiration are precisely what meant so much to Brett during his ENWR class with Jill and what his family wishes to reward and remember in the form of the prize.

Past Winners:

Year Winner Instructor Essay
2021 Caroline Tyndall Shalmi Barman "The Story I Found in a Plotless Ballet"
2021 Hailey Robbins Maayan Ornath "Bottle People"
2020 Britney Cheung Natalie Thompson "To Paint a Memory"
2019 Lindsey Porter Indu Ohri "An Economic System More Paranormal than Supernatural Children"
2018 Anna Warner Julia Fisher "An Ode to Photography"
2017 William Hamilton Hilary Holliday "The Southhampton Massacre"
2016 Fiona Geiran Theresa Kim "How I Feel When I Think About Eight-Year-Old Me”