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The Writing and Rhetoric Program at UVA offers a wide range of first-year writing courses and upper-level courses in writing and rhetoric as well as a minor in Public Writing and Rhetoric.
For undergraduates, the program offers courses that fulfill the First Writing Requirement (FWR), including the single-semester ENWR 1510 and a year-long course, ENWR 1505/1506. All our FWR courses approach writing as a form of critical inquiry that enables students to reflect on complex problems in light of how others have attempted to address them. We also offer a set of advanced writing and rhetoric courses that meet the Second Writing Requirement (SWR) and give students a chance to engage in many forms of writing, including visual, sonic, and other types of multimodal and digital composing.
For graduate students who teach first-year writing, the program offers a Pedagogy Seminar (ENGL 8900) each spring and a series of workshops on writing instruction throughout the year.  In collaboration with the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative, we offer a week-long Faculty Seminar on the Teaching of Writing for UVA faculty in any school or department who wish to improve their writing instruction, writing assignments, and response to their students’ written work. Also, we participate in efforts to improve the teaching of writing in local area secondary schools. 



T. Kenny Fountain, Director of Writing & Rhetoric - tkf3bb@virginia.edu

Steph Ceraso, Associate Director of Writing & Rhetoric - slc7wd@virginia.edu

Dylan Kellum, Administrative Assistant - dck4bqc@virginia.edu 

Claire Chantell, Writing Center Co-Director - cc2de@virginia.edu

Kevin Smith, Writing Center Co-Director - kgs8th@virginia.edu

Heidi Nobles, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum - hn3dg@virginia.edu 

2023-2024 Mentoring Team (September - May)


Coordinator of Graduate Student Pedagogy Programming

John Modica


Mentor Coordinators

Mary Ruth Robinson

Eyal Handlesman Katz

Courtney Watts



Peyton Davis

Katherine Churchill

Seanna Viechweg

Stephen Hager

Viola Cozzio