Inventory of Writing and Rhetoric Online Teaching Efficacy


I-WROTE is a set of brief resources—each providing guidance and a bibliography—to assist University of Virginia ENWR instructors to prepare for their fall 2020 online teaching. These resources were prepared in June 2020 by a team lead by Eva Latterner and Sophie Abramowitz and including Thomas Berenato, Kelly Fleming, Casey Ireland, Indu Ohri, and Kelli Shermeyer. The resources may be found at the tabs on the left. Most are focused on specific issues in online teaching, but those by Berenato and Ireland touch on broader matters, and all refer explicitly or implicitly to broad issues in teaching writing that go beyond online instruction and the exigencies of the present moment. Suggestions for additions or adjustments may be sent to Victor Luftig, Interim Director of Writing and Rhetoric, at luftig@virginia.edu.